About Korey Elizabeth Photography

I have a different idea of what photography can be. It should be accessible and fun. It should capture moments and freeze time. It should bring out the best in each person, and let her personality shine. It does not have to be expensive.

I love to know that my clients are using my images for anything: framing them all over their homes, plastering them all over their offices, using them as a desktop background on their computers, mailing them across the country to their family, and more. Having said that, I am not the photographer that holds your images at ransom. They are yours. I want you to use them, show them off, love them.

So here's how this works: my sessions are timed, I edit the photos, and I give them all to you on a DVD to use as you please. This means you can create prints any way you'd like--even print them from a home computer--so long as you love them. If you do, I'd love to take photos of you or your family again. Don't make professional photography a rare event. You deserve to have beautiful photos of your loved ones anytime, not just when they graduate or get married. Make it a habit.